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Chandigarh, a beautiful city, a nice place to live, work and enjoy life. After “Mumbai” it is the second most favorite place that attracts people from other states. I spent only 6 months in Chandigarh, but this place made a never lasting impact on my soul. During my training days we (me and some of my friends) lived on different location in this short span of time. I had had a lot of fun during my internship with my friends, girl-friends and with some special one’s those who surprised me. This story covers all of them.

Night-out is a sacred thing that we all dream of but only selected ones get the chance to live it. On one lucky day, oh sorry not day it was a night, Joyana one of  my girls called me and said that she is alone at home and afraid too because some of her relative met with an accident and died. Her parents went to Panchkula and there is nobody to look after her because it was already 11.00 p.m., but my Mantra is “Never say No” especially and only to a girl in need. Parking is a big problem in Chandigarh so i decided not to take any ride with me and ask one of my friends to drop me at her place or i call it Palace. I left my Flat, at that time i was living in Sector 35-C, at 11.30 and reached at her place within 10 minutes. Joyana’s father was an Ex-Army person, look-alike of Virappan, must be on some higher Rank in Military that is why they are having a Royal Bungalow in Sector 7.

See whenever i accompany a girl; I always try to take control of the situation. Take note guys whenever you go alone with a girl first of all make her comfortable and after that she will take care everything of your interest it is my Secret and now i am sharing it with you. We both were alone at her 5 bedroom bungalow, yes i only counted the number of bedrooms, we chit chat for some time because the guys who died was her cousin and she was very sad. But wait she was sad not me i was there for some other purpose so i just started cracking jokes to get her out of that lousy mood. Within 10 minutes we both were laughing, pushing each other (pushing means i was pushing her towards bedroom and she was not aware of what that means. Yes, all men are DOGS.) and cherishing our memories. We were in her parents’ bedroom king size bed, exotic paintings and above all a Corner Bar with well known brands of the world present there. I got up and poured a shot of Martini, as i looked at Joyana she nodded and joined me too. After all we were having the best one available so there is nothing wrong to try especially when you are going to spend a whole night together. With 3-3 shots in quick time we both were on cloud nine.

After a while we both were totally into each other, I was holding here in my arms and feeling her deep breathing. It was the moment of lifetime, kind of a dream i was living out there. She was totally in a wild mood, and started feeling me, going for deep ride and certainly at that peek point, her phone rang. It was “Dad Calling” flashing on the screen of her brand new i-phone. “What the Fuck” was the first three cute words came out of my mouth, and quickly controlling my emotions i said Joyana to pick it up because there must be some parental instructions they may have forgot at the time of leaving. Joyana answered the call and in 2 minutes conversation with her father she only said yes and no 2-3 times. Her face was pale yellow. In my mind i thought her cousin is already dead now in what shock is she? I asked her what happened and she said her parents were on their way to back and already were on Tribune Chownk so i must leave. I was totally out of my mind and i didn’t bother to ask her what happened, why they are coming back? My dreams of an awesome Night out were shattered, I was cursing God, myself and my destiny by having a beautiful girl lying beside me and couldn’t made it till the end. So i left her place in hurry because her father knew me as an intelligent tech kid and also I didn’t want to ruin any future chances to be with Joyana, i usually visit her place in day light too.

After leaving her place i was in very bad mood naturally and it was 1:50 a.m. already so I cannot go back to my flat, not because of any restrictions but because it would be an insult for a womanizer like me to tell my buddies that i done nothing on my big day. Secondly I was in Sector 7, Porsche area of Chandigarh and there was nobody to pick me up that late. Then I thought of Night Street just outside the university that attracts the crowd that late but that was too very far from the place i was standing that time. So I just started walking towards the “Sukhna Lake” which is very near to her place and we often go there for walk. I started walking on the pathway and it was very pleasant view of the lake. As I walked pass the Suicide Point i heard some voices. I continue to walk there were view persons sitting on the shore of lake. I just walked pass them, they looked at me for a while then went back to their talk ignoring me as I am not present there. Since it was early morning and i was alone, there were few people but I was on my own. So to pass my time I went back and joined them. One of them looked at me and asked “what you want?” I was being very filmy replied “All of your Money.” They all looked at me and laughed. I asked to join and they welcomed me in their group of four now with me we were five sitting on the stairs.

They were very funny guys and smoking weed. I was not a chain smoker but i tried that too. They asked me what i was doing that early because people start coming near about 4.00 a.m. in the morning and my wrist watch was showing 2:15 a.m. I try to make a story but it didn’t work so I told them the truth, what happened that night. They were quite impressed that I was having affair with Retired Colonel’s girl. As the time passed they asked me few details and I end up satisfying all of them. They were kind of testing me about my story. I was very impressed because their talk was very intellectual. At first they were only beggars to me but now they were showing their cards. Professionally they were beggars (yes in India begging is a kind of a Profession) but they were surprising me with the knowledge they had. So I started interviewing them.

I started with the funny one.


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